Middle East Gaming (MEG) is an eSports gaming tournament that features FIFA 17 as well as Overwatch. Monetary prizes will be awarded to the winning individuals/teams.

Over 100 players will participate in the tournaments, with a variety of interactive games to keep spectators entertained throughout the day.

Overwatch 6 vs 6 (PC)

The Overwatch tournament will consist of 12 teams, with 6 players per team. The event will run from 3 PM till Midnight to determine the winning team.


  • Single Elimination – Knock Out
  • 4 Invited Teams
  • 8 Challenger Teams (Open registration)


  • Challenger Brackets: Best of 1
  • Semi Finals: Best of 3
  • Grand Finals: Best of 5

The first team to win 1(BO1), 2(BO3), 3(BO5) maps within the match is considered the winner. Each team consists of 6 players and 1 substitute, who cannot be an existing player in the tournament.

Team members cannot be replaced or changed with another member/team. Battletags that are submitted cannot be changed or replaced. Team captain/manager must be available for contact during the whole tournament. Accepted Teams will be contacted after registration closes.

Map Draft Pool:

  • Map 1: Control (Oasis, Iliois, Lijang Tower, Nepal)
  • Map 2: Hybrid (Echenwalde, Hollywood, King's Row, Numbani)
  • Map 3: Escort (Dorado, Route 66, Watchpoint: Gibraltar)
  • Map 4: Assaultl (Volskaya Industries, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis)
  • Map 5: Control (not same as map 1)

First map is chosen by random. Losing team chooses next played map from the pool and chooses to start on defense or attack.

Map 1: Played BO3 in Semi Finals and Finals. Hybrid and Assault: In case of a draw, a sudden death will be played on random control map.

Organizers have the right to change any details, rules and/or timings related to the tournament at anytime without notice.


30,000 AED (Winner takes all)


The FIFA tournament will consist of 32 players. The event will run from 3 PM till Midnight to determine the winning individual.


  • Single Elimination – Knock Out
  • 32 players (open registration)


  • FIFA Rules

Game Mode:

  • All games will be played in “Kick Off” Mode.

Picking Teams:

  • Players are allowed to pick their team.
  • Players are allowed to use multiple teams throughout the tournament.
  • It is accepted to have the same teams play against each other (e.g. Barcelona). In that case, the ‘away’ player will have to pick the Away Jersey for that team.

Game-Play Settings:

  • 6-minute Halves
  • Injuries: On
  • Off Sides: On
  • Time/Score Display: On
  • Player Status Bar: Player Names
  • Camera: Default
  • No Legacy Defending
  • You can't control the goalkeeper
  • Players are only allowed to pause the game if their team is in possession of the ball
  • Updated system "if you have Internet to update"
  • Registration is free
  • Personal controllers allowed "optional"
  • Sportsmanship conduct will be applied

Score Reporting:

  • The scores will be reported to the score table by both players after the game.


5,000 AED (Winner takes all)